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It is a gregarious species form shoals and also very large. oval shape and slim the body with very flat, big eyes and mouth placed upward, with slightly protruding jaw and equipped with acuminata […]


It has a tapered shape, quasi anguilliforme, with fins at the rear. The eagle has a horny beak with jaw longer than the jaw, very flexible. The skeleton is of […]


The adult male, usually darker, has the whole body and fins covered with specks and short electric blue lines. At night these fish can completely change their coloration, in fact become […]


Tuna inhabits the waters between 0 and -200 feet deep, wintering in deep water and back to the coast in the warmer seasons pharmacie ligne viagra. Fishing technique: sabiki […]


The Sardona ago pelagic life, but when spring approaches in packs to indian viagra cost. This can be from 12-18 centimeters up to a maximum of 20 inches. Fishing technique: […]


The Surello or mackerel shall meet in large schools in coastal waters, where it feeds on crustaceans, cephalopods and other fish. E 'a predator voracious but which in turn is "prey" large […]


The cuttlefish is a great replacement of the squid, possesses a marked capacity for assimilation, and can change its color according to the seabed located within moments. And oval, surrounded by […]

The Squid

Given the prince bait for trolling with live. The final part of his head is eight arms and two tentacles, all equipped with suction cups along the margins. La Bocca has a “beak” he uses to […]