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How we fish: The techniques

TROLL WITH LIVE Research and catch the bait (calamari, cuttlefish, sugarelli, sardoni, garfish) to preserve with care in the livewell and then begin to pull in the hot spot in search […]

A drawn SERIE A!

Dessena, Ariaudo, Perico Rossettini fishing!

Dessena, Ariaudo, Perico Rossettini fishing!


“Snapper to Granites” Contrary to popular belief Granites are still a rich habitat for fish. This, in parte, explains the success of Sampei, first charter fishing Cagliari. […]

Gigi Barrella with a big red snapper

The Bluefin Tuna

If we were to name the species of the Mediterranean, would no doubt bluefin tuna. It is one of the biggest fish of our seas exceeds 3 meters in length and then record the […]

What we fish: amberjack

It is mostly caught in the fishing, is in fact, one of the most sought-after prey. It is a pelagic fish characterized by silvery blue color, with a longitudinal line […]


What we fish: the red snapper

Dentex Preda highly coveted by sports fishermen for whom it is one of the most difficult fish and sought. Fishing Techniques: trolling and vertical […]

La Lampuga

Its color varies according to the light: magnificent blue or purple, with metallic reflections of all sorts, or yellow-gold. It reaches a maximum length of about 2 meters and a weight of about 20 kilograms. Techniques […]